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The Networking Game
'Where do you want your future to go?'

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Networking is a means of identifying those who can give you information and advice to help you increase your knowledge, make good quality decisions and possibly source opportunities. Despite the fact that 70-80% of jobs are obtained through networking (Koss-Feder, 1999) the potential benefits are not limited to simply getting a job.

If you use your network and speak to the right people you can, amongst other things:

  • Ask for advice on your CV
  • Find out who the experts are in your field
  • Identify any gaps in your skills or experience
  • Know how post-grad qualifications are viewed
  • Find out when and where vacancies are advertised
  • Get a chance to work shadow
  • Learn what might come up at interview

One factor that prevents students from networking is the feeling that it is an activity reserved only for the higher echelons of the business world. In fact you are networking every day. The friends you meet through university for example, will become work colleagues and useful contacts in the future.

This game will provide you with some of the skills, knowledge and behaviours that are useful for networking.

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